Biotics Supplement Webstore

For all “Biotics” products, you have the option of simply visiting our webstore.

If this is your first webstore order, you’ll need to get a REQUIRED LOG-IN CODE from our office.


* FYI…If this is your first supplement order with us we’ll need to get a little information before either sending the supplements from our office or giving you the required log-in code to buy from our webstore. There are three reasons for this:

  1. Safety- While natural supplements are extremely safe, there still needs to be some precaution taken as there are times when some of the supplements we carry should not be used. Additionally, the dosage of all supplements is very important.
  2. Effectiveness- A good portion of the supplements we use are very specific “formulas” designed to address a unique metabolic issue. Even in the case of a “general” supplement, such as a “fish oil” or a “probiotic”,we have a number of different types used in different situations.
  3. Save money- A lot of people waste money taking supplements that they actually don’t need, and we want to help you avoid that! Please, let us help guide you back to optimal health by overseeing your supplement use and limiting it to only what you need!