How Stem Cell Therapy Treats Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic pain due to injured bones or the natural aging process may be a norm in your life, but it does not have to be. Advancements in stem cell therapy show that you can regain pain-free movement again. It is an innovative treatment grounded on the principles of regenerative medicine.


How Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Pain Relief Works 


Stem cell therapy has been receiving extensive acclaim. It is safe and effective in treating joint pain. The innovative therapy utilizes the principle of boosting your body’s natural abilities. It encapsulates the basics of regenerative medicine.


It does this by focusing the treatment at the cellular level. This promotes the rebuilding and healing of tissue structures damaged by various causes. These could be aging, disease, injury, or overuse.


In such cases, stem cell therapy can help. Your specialist can administer a concentrated dose near or in the affected joint. This injection contains substances that your body utilizes to trigger natural tissue regeneration. The injection fluid also includes a stem cell concentrate.


During the treatment, damaged tissue structures and cartilage begin the repair process. Stem cell therapy triggers this rebuilding process. It results in reduced stiffness and pain in your joints.


Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is among the most common joint conditions in patients the world over. It occurs when tissue structures within your joints experience deterioration. This can be due to natural use over time. As the tissues degrade, you start experiencing increasing pain and joint stiffness.


Studies show that stem cell therapy is effective in treating this age-related condition. Unlike conventional treatments that offer symptomatic treatment, SCTs are more effective. They have shown successful results in treating the root cause.


Stem cells used in this treatment can differentiate into various cell types. They can then auto-regenerate to address specific body requirements, including treating osteoarthritis.


Stem Cell Therapy for Treating Musculoskeletal Disease


Musculoskeletal disease is a leading cause of physical disability and chronic pain. Musculoskeletal conditions may impact different parts of your body such as the joints. After extraction of the stem cells, specialists prepare them through centrifugation. Then, they separate a dense stem cell fluid from the harvested tissue.


This stem cell fluid is then injected into your autologous therapeutic tissue. This tissue includes the damaged one in your joint. It triggers the regeneration of the worn-out tissue in the affected joint. In turn, it relieves the symptoms of the condition.


Why Undergo Stem Cell Therapy?


Stem cell therapy works by supporting your body’s natural healing processes. It takes time. The concept of this therapy is premised on your joint undergoing repair as your body heals itself. It cannot get more natural than that. Moreover, it achieves this by utilizing stem cells harvested from your body.


It ensures your body does not reject the treatment. Stem cells harvested from your boy are often injected into the affected joint. Here, they will transform into new tissue or cartilage. This promotes natural healing at a cellular level.


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