Regenerative Medicine: Why It Is the Best to Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease characterized by pain and inflammation in the joints. It often leads to difficulty in movement. There are two types of arthritis requiring special attention and medication.

The most reported type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cushioning cartilage in joints wears and tears, making the bones glide onto each other, causing much pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is another one caused by lifestyle changes. It exhibits through the inflammation of the lining of the joints.

While doctors recommend lifestyle and medication changes, more methods of managing and curing arthritis are under investigation. One of the new ways to treat arthritis is regenerative medicine.


Regenerative Treatment of Arthritis 

All types of arthritis can use regenerative medicine to treat their condition. Regenerative medicine uses the body’s natural resources to heal itself. They include stem cells and platelets, among many others.

There are several ways to administer regenerative medicine in the treatment of arthritis.


  • Platelet-rich Plasma 


This method involves separating platelets from other blood components. After the separation, the doctor injects the platelets into the damaged cells for recovery.


  • Autologous Conditioned Serum

This method involves blood processing to increase the serum components. The process comes before reintroducing it into specific areas. 


  • Cartilage Repair and Restoration

This method involves replacing damaged tissue, often cartilage. The doctor replaces the tissue with a replenished one from another body part. Osteoarthritis arthritis uses this in its treatment and management. It is important to note that replaced cartilage is never the same quality as the original. This one offers quick relief to patients.


  • Stem Cells Regeneration 

This treatment involves introducing specialized cells. The doctor introduces allograft stem cells to the damaged parts of the body. It focuses on joint pains. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis use this form of regenerative medicine.


Benefits of Regenerative Medicine in Treating Arthritis 

There are many benefits to using regenerative medicine in the treatment of arthritis. They include:


Lowers Invasive Treatment

Surgery has become the go-to method of correcting joint damage. It usually involves rigorous processes that take long to heal. Regenerative medicine offers better quality medication than surgery. It is because it uses a needle to introduce the regenerative tissue or cell to the body.


Minimal Tissue Rejection

The process involves using tissue from the same body to the damaged part, decreasing the chances of rejection.



Compared to other forms of treatments, regenerative medicine treatment is simple. It requires no blood loss and has reduced predisposition to infections. It also offers less recovery time.


It Is Safe to Use

The use of drugs is the most common way to treat conditions, and they usually have other side effects. The use of regenerative medicine does not lead to such complications. Regenerative medicine is the best method for treating and managing arthritis. 

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