Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction: Here's What to Expect

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most embarrassing conditions for a man. Every man would like to engage in sex comfortably without the fear that they will not be able to perform. With erectile dysfunction, your sex life can be pretty dull. Several options are available to help many men worldwide deal with this situation. One pill-free solution gaining popularity is shockwave therapy.


Treating erectile dysfunction using shockwave therapy is a relatively new innovation in the medical industry. As mentioned earlier, shockwave therapy has only been used for this purpose since 2012. It is not yet FDA-approved, but several studies support its effectiveness.


Shockwave Therapy, What Is It?


Low-intensity shockwave therapy is the medical term that best describes shockwave therapy. For many years, orthopedics has used it to help the body heal from injuries. They use the treatment for injured tendons, ligaments, and broken bones. Moreover, it has been used to hasten the healing of wounds. The therapy uses sound waves of high-energy levels to target specific tissues and hasten cell growth and repair.


How Does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work?


The practitioner uses a handheld device to administer high-intensity sound waves to various parts of the penis. They apply the device to the different parts of the penis for 15 minutes. The device emits the soundwaves in short pulses that you will feel as they gently penetrate the skin. The procedure causes no pain, and you do not need any anesthesia.


The pulses encourage renewed blood flow in the penile tissue, resulting in tissue remodeling. These two events help improve sexual performance because they result in better erections.


According to a 2019 analysis of the data, the best treatment schedule is two treatments a week for three weeks. Then after a three-week break, you have another two treatments per week for three weeks. The results from this treatment plan should last a year.


What to Expect in a Shockwave Procedure


  • Preparation


The shockwave procedure for erectile dysfunction does not require any prior preparations. Because it is noninvasive and does not include any anesthesia or drugs, you do not stick to any diets or practices before the procedure.


  • The Procedure


The shockwave procedure takes place in an exam room. You may need to wear a gown for the duration of the procedure. The healthcare professional will move the device over your penis. You will feel gentle pulses emanating from the device. The healthcare professional will pass the device over different parts of your penis several times during the treatment.


  • After the Procedure


The healthcare professional will schedule a few more treatments for the best results. As mentioned earlier, the treatment must be done a few times to succeed. The healthcare professional may also recommend a healthier lifestyle to improve the chances of holding an erection.


Side Effects and Risks


Again, the procedure causes no pain for most patients. The research already done has found no side effects related to the treatment. However, more research is required in the area to determine all the treatment results.


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