Treating Chronic Pain: 5 Reasons to Choose PRP Therapy

Suffering from chronic pain can be unbearable. Deciding on a treatment option can be frustrating due to the confusion of choosing the best solution. Everyone prefers a solution that will not affect their bodies and situation. Fortunately, there is an ideal called PRP therapy, or platelet-rich plasma.

PRP therapy is an effective treatment for chronic pain that entails taking your blood sample. The blood gets put in a centrifuge, then spun to separate the rest of the blood and the PRP protein. Your specialist will inject the protein back into the area of your body where you are experiencing chronic pain.

The PRP insertion must happen at the precise correct place. It sometimes gets done using imaging technology. Read more to find out the five reasons you should choose PRP therapy.

Healing Happens Naturally


Platelet-rich plasma therapy capitalizes on the body’s natural healing capacity. The body understands what it must heal. The PRP only prompts your body to listen to some signals. PRP does not need additional foreign substances or artificial additives.

PRP therapy has no risk for side effects. The platelet-rich plasma used comes from your body. Therefore, infection risks are minimal. Also, the treatment does not require any surgical procedure. The common side effects are usually mild. You can experience dizziness and nausea.

No Medication Is Necessary


Platelet-rich plasma therapy does not use any external substances. Your body cannot reject it as it gets derived from your blood. You will also not experience severe side effects apart from mild nausea or dizziness.

PRP does not work like pain medications that mask the pain. It helps you heal by addressing the source of the discomfort. You also do not have to worry about getting addicted to the therapy as with other medications.

Healing Happens Fast


Treatment options like physical therapy or surgery take a long time for a patient to experience relief. With surgical procedures, you may need a lot of time to recover from the invasive treatment and allow your tissues time to heal. You will also need weeks to months of rehabilitation to learn to use various body parts, such as the joints. Physical therapy also requires time to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy reduces pain within a short time. Recovery happens quickly with soreness for a few days, then improvement. For example, if you are treating arthritis pain, expect some soreness and swelling for three to seven days. You will begin experiencing improvement after a few weeks, possibly two.

Long-term Solution


PRP therapy is a long-term solution to chronic pain compared to other forms of treatment like steroid injections. Such injections can help for a few months and then subside. Also, your body joints may not tolerate repeated steroid injections as they can destroy your cartilage. PRP therapy is a long-term solution as it stimulates the body to heal naturally. It can also cause the body to generate new tissue and cartilage.

Non-invasive Therapy


PRP therapy does not involve any incisions or loss of blood. It also has less risk of infection. If you worry about scarring, PRP therapy leaves no scars behind. You also do not need any time off work to deal with recovery or hospitalization.  

PRP is an in-office procedure that allows you to resume your usual activities once done.

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