What Is Functional Medicine, and How Can It Help You?

Sometimes, you may feel sick and get tests without a conclusive diagnosis. It may cause you to suffer for years. Living without a definite diagnosis is exhausting. It may also make your symptoms worse due to stress. Conventional medicine is not always the best approach since it focuses too much on symptoms. 


Functional medicine offers a different approach to diagnosing the cause of a disease. It helps many determine the cause of symptoms and learn how to prevent reoccurrence.


What Is Functional Medicine?


It is an approach that uses several treatment options to prevent and manage diseases. The discipline is system-based and seeks to identify and correct the root cause of illnesses. Functional wellness is different from conventional medicine in several aspects, making it unique.


What Is the Approach?


The approach to functional medicine involves engagement between the patient and the practitioner. Unlike conventional medicine, reaching a diagnosis is a partnership effort. You explore the various aspects seeking to treat and correct the root cause of a disease. 


Conventional medicine concentrates more on your symptoms. However, there is a need to dig deeper and discover the root cause of illness. Functional medicine will draw from other disciplines to find the root cause. It also considers the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental health.


How Can It Help?


Functional medicine has many benefits due to its emphasis on whole-person health, and its focus is beyond conventional medicine. Here are some ways you can benefit from it.


Pain Relief


Some of the people who suffer most are those in chronic pain. They either get a misdiagnosis or never get a diagnosis for their symptoms. The functional wellness approach shifts the focus from symptoms to the root cause.


Your physician will sit with you and analyze your history, lifestyle, environment, beliefs, and emotions. These and other factors will help you develop an effective plan to restore your health. Together, you will come up with the best personalized solution.


A Personalized Approach


Although you may present symptoms similar to a particular condition, the root cause may not be the same. Therefore, the treatment approach may vary for two individuals with similar symptoms. Functional medicine understands this, hence the consideration of different factors. It will offer a long-lasting solution for your illness and teach you how to prevent reoccurrence.


Treating the Underlying Cause


The whole person approach introduces different factors to consider during diagnosis. Considering these factors reveals the dysfunctions and imbalances that may be causing the symptoms. Understanding these will help you treat the underlying cause of the disease. It will effectively deal with the symptoms.


Treating Complex Conditions


Complex conditions like diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression bear the brunt of misdiagnosis. Many individuals go for years on various medications that do not seem to work. Functional medicine delves deep into the root cause and seeks to treat the whole person. As such, the approach provides relief and sustains long-term health.


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