Spine Care

Full Range of Natural Spine Care in Mokena

When it comes to specialized holistic spine care in Mokena, you won’t find any finer treatment than you would at Beyer Functional Wellness. Dr. Stephen Beyer has been in full-time clinical practice since 1994 and combines that experience with his unique approach to functional medicine in order to get you the best possible results. If you’ve been struggling with chronic back, neck, leg, or any other type of pain, don’t give up hope. Schedule an appointment with Beyer Functional Wellness today to get the relief you’ve been longing for.

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Why choose Beyer Functional Wellness for non-surgical drug-free spine care?

  • Full range of chiropractic and functional wellness services

  • Holistic approach to wellness that delivers actual results

  • Dr. Beyer has been in full-time clinical practice since 1994

  • Advanced cold laser, decompression, and “hako-med” therapy available

  • Great reputation online and in the Mokena community

  • Free weekly wellness video updates

  • And more!

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

When it comes to neck and back pain, many issues can be traced to a biomechanical cause. What this means is that the bones in your column have become misaligned and are not able to perform their normal range of motion.

At Beyer Functional Wellness you’ll get a personalized spinal treatment plan that will get you back to enjoying what you love to do quickly (most treatment plans are 6 weeks long). Dr. Beyer has literally seen tens of thousands of patients since 1994, and has the experience and know-how to give you the relief you seek. His treatments are gentle, completely safe, and deliver effective results.

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