Beyer Functional Wellness is open to take care the needs of our patients. Rest assured, all of our employees are symptom free of COVID-19. We are extremely dutiful in thoroughly sanitizing our therapy equipment and tables. All personnel have been briefed on taking extra care in personal hygiene with frequent hand washing and additional use of hand sanitizers between treating patients.

Things to Know:

– On an average day, there are only about 2-3 patients in the treatment area and 1-2 people in the lobby area. For those who prefer not to wait in the lobby, we can escort you to a private room where you can wait to be seen by Dr. Beyer. Moreover we can also do a portion of your treatment in the private room given it’s availability. In addition, we can assure that you are no closer than 10 feet from other patients in the therapy area.

– If any patient exhibits signs of coughing, malaise, fever, etc. we will ask them to promptly exit the clinic.

– If any employees show signs of being sick, the clinic will shut down immediately.

All of our patients are welcomed to receive treatment during this sensitive time. Please feel free to contact us by phone, text or email to request an appointment.

Phone or Text (708) 478-0690