This is a fantastic option for those who live too far from my office.  We can either by phone or video conference sessions take care of everything that’s required to have you receive a Functional Medicine Plan that can identify and address the metabolic issues causing your chronic health condition. This includes initial and follow up nutritional consultations, as well as lab recommendations and reviews.  There are basically 4 Steps to our remote care plan.


First I’ll need you to fill out some detailed forms which you can find here. Once we’ve received this paperwork, along with any labs you’ve had within the last year (send either by email or fax), we’ll give you a call to do 2 things:

  1. Schedule your initial consultation (phone or video conference) with Dr. Beyer *
  2. Determine if you’ll use Quest Diagnostic or LabCorp for your initial blood work (which is closer and/or who does your insurance work with). We’ll get that lab requisition form sent to you and ask that you get to the lab ASAP. If you don’t have insurance we can get this initial lab work done at a super low cost, so don’t worry.

*It’s not until you decide to schedule, that there is any charge. If you decide to go forward at this time, the cost is $125.00 which is our fee for the First 3 Steps listed on this page. FYI…If no insurance for labs then initial blood work cost is separate.


My initial paperwork is very detailed, but this step is critical. Together during this initial consultation we will “fill in the blanks” of what the paperwork may have missed, review highlights of any past labs you may have sent in, and set goals for what you want to achieve with a care plan. You’ll have a chance to resolve any remaining questions or concerns you may still have, and at the end of the call, we’ll schedule you for Step 3 Phone/Video Conference call. Then, if you haven’t already…go get those labs done!


This is when I’ll:

  1. Give you a detailed report of the “story” that your initial blood work with me revealed. We’ll also fax or email you a hardcopy of the lab report.
  2. Review what if any, additional testing that’s needed. These tests don’t require another trip to the lab as the saliva, stool,urine or blood (via finger prick) samples are collected by you at home and mailed directly to the specialty lab in a pre-paid kit. Sometimes the initial blood work is enough. Sometimes it isn’t…I’ll let you know.
  3. Go over your individualized care plan, which consists of some combination of: specific nutritional supplements (based off of your labs!), key lifestyle changes and targeted dietary plans.

How long this will take and what the cost is will be reviewed and then you can decide if you want to commit to the recommended care plan at this time. If you do, we’ll get the ball rolling and address the first metabolic issue. To ensure good results, all supplements need to be from me (either shipped from office or purchased on our webstore).


Most people have between 4-6 “issues” that the initial blood work revealed and these need to be addressed in the right order to get you better. Plus if there are advanced labs that need to be done we’ll be addressing those issues as we get the results back.  I like to shoot for a phone/ video conference with patients once a week during the length of the treatment plan, which is usually 3-4 months, however I’m available to answer questions or address concerns as often as needed during normal hours for any of my remote care patients.

That is it in a nutshell. This is a very detailed, systematic functional medicine approach that I’ve developed and refined over many years and the results have been excellent (See testimonials). If everything sounds good, let’s get started!