What Is The P-Shot?

A P-Shot is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), taken from the patient and injected into the penis. This PRP rejuvenates the penis, which increases the efficiency of other ED treatments. The P-Shot frequently increases length and girth and frequently helps treat penile curvature.

How Does This Help My ED?

It has been shown that well over half the men with ED have occlusion of the small vessels in the penis. Occlusion of the vessels prevents the penis from filling with blood and producing an erection. PRP has stem cells that stimulate the growth of the tissue the body needs. PRP has factors that cause new blood vessel growth, this actually repairs many of the problems that cause ED.

I Have Heard That P-Shot Promotes Male Enhancement, Is This True?

The P-Shot will very frequently increase the length and girth of the penis. studies have shown that a P-Shot with the regular use of the penis pump will increase penile length in about 80% of men.

What Other Benefits Are There With The P-Shot?

There are several benefits of the P-Shot. One interesting benefit of the P-Shot is most men describe a dramatic increase in sensation with sex. Most men will say their erection is harder and stronger. It is helpful in treating curvature in the penis called Peyronie’s Disease.

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