1. Relief from knee pain after surgery

    Drew had knee surgery, but still had some pain and stiffness in the knee. After about 4 weeks of cold laser treatments he started to have improvement in mobility and noticed the stiffness didn't happen as often, and would not last as long.…Read More

  2. Knee Therapy

    Our patient was in a car accident and had a lot of bruising and swelling along with pain and discomfort in her knee. During the course of her treatment with the cold laser, she was getting her mobility back and had way less swelling. It was a very simple treatment with the cold laser.…Read More

    Beyer Patient
  3. Excellent Results Using the Hako-med Horizontal Therapy to Treat Peripheral Neuropathy

    Beyer Patient
  4. This is how we helped Guy with his issues

  5. Darlene came to us with peripheral neuropathy issues.

    See how we helped her with Hako-Med Treatments at Beyer Chiropractic Center.…Read More

  6. Robert came to us with a peripheral neuropathy condition

    Robert completed his treatments with Dr. Beyer and lost weight, feels better, feet feel good too.…Read More

  7. Thyroid Success Story. 90% Improvement

    Feeling sluggish, bloated, losing hair and not sleeping well. After Dr. Beyer's treatment plan patient found 90% reduction in symptoms and feels great! Beyer Chiropractic Center 9645 Lincoln-way Lane, Frankfort, IL 815-469-8500 www.beyerchiro.com…Read More

    Dr. Beyer's treatment plan patient
  8. Thyroid Problems Solved

    Dr. Beyer used specific lab testing to get to the bottom of her troubling symptoms. Beyer Chiropractic Center www.beyerchiro.com 815-469-8500…Read More

    Beyer Patient
  9. Roseanne’s Thyroid Condition Improved with us at Beyer Chiropractic Center

    Listen to Roseanne's testimonial and how we helped her with her thyroid condition.…Read More

  10. Our latest Success Story “Noreen” had Terrible Migraines and Also Suffered with Hypothyroidism

    Noreen came to us from a neighboring state seeking treatment on terrible migraines and hypothyroid condition. After treatments with Dr. Beyer, listen to Noreen's story and how we were able to help her.…Read More