Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction


The BODY applicator of the EXION device we offer combines an “Active Cooling” component to the RF and Targeted Ultrasound that it delivers. This Active Cooling causes the heat generated from the RF and Targeted Ultrasound to remain in the deep layers longer and more intensely (without affecting the skin), which causes fat cell “apoptosis” (destruction), leading to a reduction of the fat layer in the treated area.

Benefits of Treatment with EXION BODY

At Beyer Functional Wellness, we provide EXION BODY treatments for patients who desire the following advantages (4 clinical studies have shown):

* Spot fat reduction/body sculpting in stubborn areas (22% fat reduction)

* Improvements in areas of loose skin (85% improvement in skin laxity)

* Improvements in overall skin health through increases in Hyaluronic Acid (224%), Elastin (50%), and collagen (47%)

* High patient satisfaction (93%)

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