Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a major concern for many women and men, whether it's caused by age, genetics, hormones, health conditions, or styling products or practices. With recent advances in research in the hair restoration industry, new treatments are being created to help combat the problem

With a combination of RF microneedling and regenerative medicine products such as Stem cells and Exosomes, new hair growth can be achieved by stimulating hair follicle restoration. For even better results, we also offer regenerative medicine at-home treatments with our exclusive AnteAge product line to be used in conjunction with the in-office treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Our Unique Protocol for Hair Loss?

At Beyer Functional Wellness, RF Microneedling combined with Stem cells and Exosomes for hair loss allows for many great advantages that may deliver more vibrant, fuller, and thicker hair, including:

  • No chemicals or drugs

  • No required downtime

  • No surgery or scarring

  • Ideal for both females and males

  • Results are natural-looking and may be lasting

  • Enhances your own hair growth

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